We at ProducerSounds.net are passionate music producers, having longtime experience in instrumental beat and song production. Having studied audio engineering in official colleges such as the SAE Institute and Deutsche Pop, we have been working with almost any possible equipment and artist, dealing with various types of musical genres, from Hip Hop/Rap over R&B to Rock, Reggae, Electronic, Alternative and Orchestral Music.

Since we know, that when it comes to music production, it’s important to have high quality sounds, we decided to combine our knowledge and bring you only the best sounds for your DAW or hardware sampler/workstation, so you can focus on making music without having to worry about the quality of your sound. Our drumkits, loop packs, expansion packs, etc. will make sure you always find the right tools and inspiration to create new instrumentals and songs!

All of our products are 100% original and feature handcrafted sounds, samples and patches that have been made and processed with the finest hardware and software equipment such as Universal Audio, SSL, Neve, Mindprint, etc. Check out our product demos to hear what you can expect from our products!

We wish you a good time on our website, much fun working with our products and all the best for your music career. In case you have any questions, contact us HERE and send us an email. We will repsond within 24 hours!

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